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Pets attendance is subject to hotel policy. If your dog or cat is allowed at the hotel, they are allowed at ISCAcon unless otherwise stated below. However, certified service animals are always allowed. Pets other than dogs or cats may be considered for attendance, pending board approval.

Adults supervising their pets must be mindful of respectful common sense rules for public behavior, personal interaction, common courtesy, and respect for private property. Keep pets leashed, contained, or restricted to your personal space. 

Continued unacceptable behavior may result in the revoking of ballroom entry and privileges for the pet/s. 

Unacceptable Behaviors Include, but are not limited to

  • Making a mess

  • Fighting with other pets

  • Wandering in prohibited places

  • Endangering themselves or others

  • Damaging others’ property

  • Bothering others (e.g. frequent barking, climbing, jumping, scratching, etc.)

All pets must be accompanied and supervised by a paid, registered adult at all times.


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