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What is ISCA?

The International Society of Caricature Artists is a 501C(6) non-profit trade organization dedicated to elevating the art and artists of caricature.

ISCA Mission

  • We celebrate caricature as an art form.

  • We promote caricature as a valuable commodity on a global and local scale. 

  • We strive to be the definitive professional resource for all those seeking knowledge about caricature. 

  • We cultivate a diverse, global community that connects, inspires and entertains through caricature. 

Core Values

  • We are committed to advocating for and advancing the art of caricature.

  • We are dedicated to maintaining integrity in professional practice.

  • We respect people, value diversity and are committed to the fair and equitable treatment of artists around the world.

A Brief History

ISCA was formed in 1989 by Wallace "Buddy" Rose. Buddy created a forum for caricaturists by providing a quarterly newsletter and annual convention. The original goal was to create an organization that would seek out charitable and mutual benefits for united artists. It operated briefly as a booking agency until filing its application in compliance with article 5154a making it a trade union in 1994. In 1995 the new constitution was ratified in San Antonio, TX, ISCA was granted non-profit status, and the first election was held. In 2009, ISCA officially changed its name from the National Caricaturist Network to the International Society of Caricature Artists and ratified a new constitution.

ISCA boasts some of the most recognizable names in the industry as members, friends and speakers. Al Hirschfeld, Sebastian Krüger (Famed Caricature Painter/Maser Class Instructor), Maria Picassó i Piquer (ICON Magazine, Barron's), Stephen Silver (Kim Possible, Clerks: The Animated Series), Lindsey Olivares (The Mitchells vs. The Machines), Asia Ellington (Visual Development, Disney TVA), Nasrin Sheykhi (U.S. Genius Visa recipient), Jason Seiler (TIME Magazine, NY Times) as well as Jack Davis, Mort Drucker, Sam Viviano and Tom Richmond all of Mad Magazine. Many ISCA members are accomplished as artists not only in caricaturing, but in other artistic fields as well.

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