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Every January, Caricature Resolution brings together thousands of artists of all styles and skill levels to create, share and elevate the art of caricature each day, all month long. Patrick Martinez created Caricature Resolution back in January 2017 as a fun personal challenge to improve his drawing skills. He was joined by Maria Picass√≥ i Piquer and Euan MacTavish, who together form the admin team that keeps this beloved event running smoothly year after year. As Caricature Resolution goes into its 5th year, ISCA is proud to partner with them and excited to support this extravaganza of exaggeration. 

The concept - to draw a caricature each day for the month of January from the official prompt list above.

All styles and levels of skill are welcome - from realistically rendered to the highly stylized, from beginners to experienced professionals. The atmosphere is easy going, encouraging and non-competitive.

Follow along! #CaricatureResolution 2021 on Facebook, @CaricatureResolution on Instagram, @CariResolution on Twitter

Join in on the fun! Post your work in the #CaricatureResolution2021 group on Facebook, tag your work with #CaricatureResolution2021 and mention @caricatureresolution @iscacaricatures on Instagram. We'll be sharing our favorites all month long!


In partnership with Caricature Resolution, we’re happy to announce this giveaway to inspire and motivate artists to get through the whole challenge! 

Following the non-competitive spirit of this challenge, the prize will be raffled among all participants who reach the 15-day and 31-day milestones. Anyone can participate, you do not need to be a member of ISCA or a professional caricaturist.

 Red Raffle — $150 raffle among all who reach day #15 milestone on time. Entries allowed until January 17 at 23.59 CET.
 Black Raffle — $310 raffle among all who finish the whole challenge on time. Entries allowed until February 2 at 23.59 CET.

In case the same artist wins both raffles, they will be awarded with $310 and Red Raffle draw will be repeated.

No ISCA staff or Caricature Resolution admins are eligible for the prize. Raffles will be recorded on video 

In order to enter the raffles, please send an email to resolution.giveaway@gmail.com including a collage of the pieces or a link to any social profile or album featuring your Caricature Resolution pieces.
We strongly encourage artists to tag @iscacaricatures and @caricatureresolution profiles and use the hashtag #caricatureresolution2021 in order to increase their work visibility and engagement and also help us spread our mission of connecting people through art during these crazy times.


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