ISCAcon29: Mailbox Mayhem

ISCAcon29: Mailbox Mayhem was open to the public and had something for long-time attendees and newcomers alike. For the veteran member, a compact and condensed “home edition” of the con experience they know and love; for the non-member, a sampling of the creativity and camaraderie that ISCA has to offer. This was one of the most unique and accessible ISCA events to date!

Mailbox Mayhem was an interactive event taking place on Discord from Nov. 15-20, 2020. Registrants received a limited edition mail-order box that contained a special comic book edition of Exaggerated Features, a con T-shirt designed by Kev Jackson, an enamel pin, art supplies and other mystery goodies and con swag staples. The event itself was host to world-class speakers, unique prerecorded and live streamed video content, a Virtual Ballroom, contests, competitions, activities, awards and more!

For a complete archive of the event including categories, winning artwork and more, visit

Want to check out all of the recorded content from Mailbox Mayhem including artist talks, demos and live Q&As? For just $10 you can get links to all of the content!

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